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March 24, 2010

Hops!Welcome to Grow Hops! I’m sure if you are visiting you have at least entertained the idea of growing your own patch of one of beers most amazing ingredients.  Whether you are a homebrewer looking to expand into a new realm, a commercial hop farmer, or just an enthusiast, I hope that the information provided here will be relative and useful to however grand your endeavors are.

I have been homebrewing for a few years now, and have developed a fairly extensive setup, allowing me to brew up to 15 gallons of beer at a time.  While exploring the many facets that are included in the homebrewing process, the idea of hop gardening sparked my interest especially. As the growing season approaches, I plan on trying my hand at creating a small garden of hops outside of my family’s beer and wine store in Southern Maine. I hope to chronicle these adventures here and share my discoveries with those who are interested in growing and harvesting their own beer brewing ingredients.