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Positive Progress

May 24, 2010

After 3 weeks I’ve have seen growth from all 8 varieties of hops, with Newport moving the quickest. We have seen a lot of sun lately here in Maine and it’s showing in the growth. I have been giving these little guys a good amount of water and they seem to be responding quite well.  Most seem to have their first sprouts ready to start training onto the twine and I will start doing so this week.  I had a small problem with grass and weeds growing in around the plants that I took care of by adding a layer of mulch to the pile surrounding the plants. I will be adding fertilizer this week, based on information obtained from this article that gives a few timeframes on when to add nitrogen and other elements to the soil. Fertilizing is another important topic that I plan to research and share some information on later. The newly sprouted plants and trellis ropes have gotten some attention from some of the store customers, and it seems like there is a bit of a buzz going about these little guys.  Hopefully they can have a nice healthy harvest to show off to the public.

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